It’s the most important meal of the day on one of the most exciting days of the year! With all the present-opening ahead, make sure to kick off Christmas with a gorgeous breakfast spread.

Apples are plentiful this time of year and offer the versatility you need to make a range of exceptional Christmas morning treats. Here are a few of our favorite apple breakfast recipes to delight your family and friends around the table on Christmas day.

Eggnog French toast casserole

Start Christmas with this holiday-ready breakfast bake! Eggnog, apples and cranberries are delightful together.

Source: Chelan Fresh

Easy applesauce


Even the health-conscious can treat themselves to a delicious breakfast with our easy apple that can be made sugar free.

Source: Chelan Fresh

Apple donut muffins

Apple Donut Muffins

These sugar-coated muffin tops crunch to perfection! Our apple donut muffins will please everyone at the Christmas breakfast table.

Source: Chelan Fresh

Rustic apple galette

Lucy Glo™ and Lucy Rose™ apples make this galette stand out from the crowd. The crimson flesh of the Lucy Rose is wonderfully festive!

Source: Chelan Fresh

Apple ginger oat cookies

Apple Oat Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Yes! Chewy, oaty, apple-filled cookies are just the ticket for Christmas morning. Santa might want some the night before too!

Source: Chelan Fresh

Oaty apple crisp

Oaty Apple Crisp

Baking a hot oaty apple crisp is a decadent way to start your Christmas day! This easy recipe can bake in the oven while everyone looks through their stockings.

Source: Chelan Fresh

Edible caramel apple wreath

Caramel Rockit Wreath

Make our edible Rockit® apple wreath the centerpiece of your Christmas breakfast table. Beautiful and tasty, what could be better?

Source: Chelan Fresh

Apple cranberry strudel 

Apple Strudel

Using store-bought phyllo dough helps this recipe come together quickly for a simple and delicious breakfast pastry.

Source: Chelan Fresh

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