As you might have heard, September is National Family Meal Month, but September also happens to be National Fruit and Vegetables Month. And the Produce for Better Health Foundation is celebrating with a campaign called Have a Plant. It is appropriate that these two campaigns coincide because healthy family meals cooked at home mean more fruits and vegetables on the table as well. And adding more produce to your meals means a nourished family inside and out.

To celebrate National Fruit and Vegetables month we have compiled a few of our own recipes that are easy to put together and chock full of fresh produce to keep your family healthy as we go into the winter months.

Our SugarBee® Chicken Salad has it all with vegetables, fruit and nuts in it, making this salad a well-rounded one-dish lunch or dinner that is easy to prepare.

Adding fruit to your salad is a super way to up your nutrition and add lots of flavor as well. Check out our Starkrimson Pear Citrus Salad (photo shown above) or the Chopped Cherry Salad with Cherry Vinaigrette for a flavorful twist on old favorites.

Are your kids craving nachos? Serve them up a healthier alternative with these Rockit Apple Nachos. They will get a serving of fruit and nuts along with a few treats to satisfy their sweet tooth.

And lastly, we combine both fruits and vegetables in our silky SugarBee® Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Pumpkin Seed Croutons. A perfect meal for a cool fall evening!

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