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We All Love A Good Story

This story will make your mouth water, and when good food is paired with great family heritage, the story is even better.

Chelan Fresh™ is a great food story. We are grower-owned, representing family-owned farms, many of which are now being led by fourth or fifth generation. Sons and daughters have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, in some cases great and great-great grandparents. Growing fruit and growing it well is just in their genes.

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The fruit we pack and sell comes from the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range in central Washington state. Here, ideal fruit growing conditions come together: gentle mountain slopes, fertile valleys, clear rivers, and warm sunny days and cool, crisp evening nights.

Chelan Fresh proudly packs a multitude of 17 Apple varieties, 8 Pear, 12 Cherry and a full manifest of Organic fruit.


Apples, Pears and Cherries may have been around for awhile, but our growers are thoroughly modern.

Growing apples, pears, and cherries takes a combination of high tech and high touch. While fruit is harvested by hand, there is a lot of technology involved with growing high quality produce.

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We employ tree-training systems to maximize each fruit’s exposure to sunlight. We carefully manage both soil and tree nutrition for future generations. We use technology – some new, some quite old – to scout for and address pests that threaten our trees or their fruit.


Our automated, high-speed packing lines use computer-aided cameras to sort and grade each piece of fruit. We can even look inside fruit for internal injury not visible on the outside.


We are harnessing Big Data across our business, from forecasting our crop size to efficiently plan our labor, to helping our retail partners analyze their apple business to best meet consumer demands (known as category management in the produce biz).


Controlled atmosphere technology means apples come out of storage as crisp and great tasting as they day they went into storage.


Chelan Fresh is well tuned into the demands
of today’s consumers – for more variety and convenience,
as well as food safety.

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