If you haven’t sunk your tooth into our new Lucy™Glo or Lucy™Rose apples yet then you are in for a sweet surprise! The first thing you will notice about these apples is the vibrant pink flesh on the inside, but the unique sweet-tart flavor will keep you munching to the last bite. Not only are the Lucy™ apples a delight to eat out of hand, but they make gorgeous desserts as well, and just the thing to brighten up your holiday table. We put together a roundup of our merriest Lucy™ recipes for your holiday baking this year and hope your holidays are sweet!

Lucy™ Apples

Not Your Traditional Pie

Instead of the standard apple pie, we whipped up a few stunners like our Dutch Apple Pie topped with a crunchy sweet crumb topping, and our Apple Galette, pictured below, an elegant yet simple way to show off your Lucy™ apples.

Something for the Kids

Sweet Holiday Apple Nachos are a sweet choice for the kids; they are so delicious that the kids won’t even guess this snack is healthier for them. Plus these nachos are a breeze to put together with the help of some little hands.

And as long as the kids are in the kitchen you might want to put together some of these fun Lucy™Glo Festive Wreaths, pictured above.

A Sweet Breakfast

Holiday time breakfasts are special occasions when the family lingers over coffee until late morning. Try one of these beautiful Lucy™ apple recipes for a delicious and festive family breakfast, Eggnog French Toast Casserole or Double Apple Waffles.

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