At Chelan Fresh, we truly believe that the more you know about the awesome benefits of fresh fruit, the easier it is to integrate it into your daily life and the life of your family. With that in mind, we have created many resources that offer accurate, interesting, and useful information about Chelan Fresh fruit, from fun facts to delicious recipes.


Healthy You

We know you’re busy and doing the best you can to create delicious, healthful meals and snacks for your family. That’s why we’re bringing you this special nutritional Handbook. You’ll find something in each issue: nutritional information, choosing the best fruit, storage tips, tasty recipes, easy snack ideas and much more.

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RD Toolkit

Although we created this toolkit especially for registered dieticians, the information included in this 42­ page digital booklet can be utilized by anyone with an interest in healthy eating and general wellness. Learn about the nutritional breakdown and health benefits of our fruits, get access to healthy recipes, and read about our exciting kids’ programs all in one place.

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Menu Planner for School Kitchens

Our younger generation's health is held to the highest regard by the team members at Chelan Fresh. That's why we worked closely with Registered Dieticians to create a diverse and delicious array of recipes designed specifically for the use of school food services. These recipes are all unique, original, and many cater to dietary needs and/or restrictions.

Chelan Fresh Cherries Website

Cherries Website

This website is fully focused on our bright, juicy cherries, from how our farmers grow and process the fruit to how you can prepare cherries for your family for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any time in between. Also check in on Chelan Fresh’s latest cherry crops and see what the weather conditions are like around North Central Washington.

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Rockit™ Apple

Rockit Apple™

The miniature Rockit™ apple was launched to the world in 2010 from sunny Hawke’s Bay, on the east coast of New Zealand. Rockit™ apples are sweet, crunchy and “distinctively fresh.” The fruit, which naturally grows small and features a red blush color, originated by crossing a cultivar from the rose series of apples with a crabapple. The apple is a convenient, natural, NON-GMO, healthy snack food. The Rockit™ is now produced in the Pacific Northwest apple-growing region of Chelan, Washington, brought to you by the growers of Chelan Fresh.

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