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The Rockit™ Apple

The miniature RockitTM apple was launched to the world in 2010 from sunny Hawke’s Bay, on the east coast of New Zealand. Rockit apples are sweet, crunchy and “distinctively fresh.” The fruit, which naturally grows small and features a red blush color, originated by crossing a cultivar from the Gala and Gala Splendor variety of apple.

The apple is a convenient, natural, NON-GMO, healthy snack food. The Rockit™ apples are produced in the Pacific Northwest apple-growing region of Chelan Washington and the Yakima Valley, brought to you by the growers of Chelan Fresh.

Packaging specifications

  • Crunchy, sweet, and delicious taste
  • Grown to be the perfect snack size
  • Innovative and convenient packaging and brand design
  • Longer shelf life – remains fresh longer
  • Presents an opportunity to move produce to the convenience aisle
  • POS available

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