September 2017

Chelan Fresh Pears

Washington’s new crop pears are hitting markets across the country much to the delight of consumers.
Organic Pear Orchard
At Chelan Fresh we love pear season and produce some of the finest Bartlett, Anjou, Bosc and Red Pears around in both conventional and organic varieties. Warm days and cooler nights combine to produce sweet fruit that melts in your mouth. 

Our 2lb and 3lb variety specific pouches give consumers the opportunity to choose a size and variety that works for them. The packaging also gives consumers tips to ripen pears and uses the “Check the neck” graphic to help consumers find pears that are ripe. 

Our Category Management team is also out in full force surveying consumers on their pear buying habits and are happy to help retailers use those results to sell more pears at store level. See our Category Opportunity piece in this newsletter. 

Add to that the expertise of Chef Meg Raines to create great tips for using pears in all types of recipes and pears will fly off your shelf. Click here to see Chef Meg’s tips for heading back to school with pears. For your next game day crowd, try our Grilled Cheese with Pear Sandwich or serve up our Black Rice and Pear Salad to please the whole family!

Chelan Fresh Sales reps are always available to discuss pears with our customers.  Contact us today at 509-682-4252.

Red Anjou Bags

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