September 2017 

Category Opportunities
This summer we embarked on a journey to discover how to get U.S. consumers to purchase more pears. Who better to ask than the true experts - the shoppers themselves.

Our Category Management team partnered with two of the industry’s leading research companies, Beacon Research & Category Partners, to tailor their “Produce Barriers to Purchase” study specifically to the Fresh Pear Category.   

Instead of taking the standard approach of having shoppers tell us why they DO buy pears, we asked them to tell us why they DON’T buy (or buy more). This approach gave us a unique view of the fresh pear category and retail shopping experience through their eyes. If we can identify what prevents them from buying more pears, we then can make changes to overcome those barriers and sell more.  

Great news,  71% of consumers said there was something we could do to get them to buy more pears… and it’s not all about lowering the price!   

Our team would love to share our learnings with you. If you are interested - let your Chelan Fresh Sales Team contact know and we will schedule time to take you through the study results and work together to develop a plan to increase your pear category performance.

Click the image below to download the file.

Screenshot 2017-09-01 14.41.18.png

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