September 2017

Better Together

Better Together
Recently several families in the Washington fruit industry decided to join together with one common thread - the idea that by joining families that have been farming for generations - we at Chelan Fresh could be “Better Together”.

Beginning September 1st, Borton Fruit and Columbia Valley Fruit will officially join under the Chelan Fresh and Cascade Crest Organic label. It only makes sense that when you combine orchards from the fertile valleys of Yakima with orchards on the gentle mountain slopes of North Central Washington that you will continue to produce some of Washington’s finest fruit.
Oroville Orchard
This merger combines families with a passion for growing quality, in-demand varieties of apples, pears, cherries and other stone fruits. Other benefits include earlier harvest windows in Yakima that allow for fruit available to ship 10-14 days earlier in the season. Increased acreage of high color Honeycrisp along with new strains of Gala and Fuji. Proprietary varieties such as SugarBee™, Rockit™, KORU®, and Orondo Ruby® are now available under one roof. And a larger manifest of organic fruit including nectarines, plums, cherries, apples and pears allows for more opportunities to meet consumer demands.
Columbia Valley Fruit Owners.jpg
Better Together means that families with long histories of growing have come together because they still believe in producing some of Washington’s finest fruit.

Chelan Fresh welcomes the family farms of Borton Fruit and Columbia Valley Fruit. Our fall harvests are now in full swing and we look forward to working with all of our retail customers to share the exciting new offerings at Chelan Fresh. Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales Representative for more information about how Better Together can benefit you.

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