August 2017

Chelan Fresh Increases Organic Manifest

columbia_valley_fruit_logo-218979-edited.jpgColumbia Valley Fruit will join forces with Chelan Fresh beginning September 1st and with that move comes exciting developments for our Cascade Crest Organics label. With the addition of Columbia Valley Fruit, the organic offering to retailers doubles out of the starting gate. According to Marketing Director Mac Riggan, “We are excited to have CVF join us this fall. The fruit they add to our manifest on the organic side gives us significant volumes of in-demand varieties such as the sport Fuji and Gala varieties and Honeycrisp. The quality of their growing and packing operations is also a huge benefit as retailers can be assured they will still get the high quality fruit that Cascade Crest has come to be known for." 

Columbia Valley Fruit works with progressive farmers Cascade Crest Labelin Washington to grow, store and pack high demand organic and conventional apple varieties. With the company’s support, many of these farmers use modern orchard systems that increase harvest volumes of the highest quality apples per acre.

Chelan Fresh and the Cascade Crest Organics label look forward to having Columbia Valley Fruit as part of our family of outstanding growers and shippers. Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales representative to ask about increased organic production.

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