July 2018

Pear Season is Right Around the Corner!

Bartlett pears

Summer is all about cherries, but we sometimes forget that by August, Chelan Fresh will begin to harvest pears and early season apples.

Bartlett pears are the first to ripen and come off the trees in August and early September. Their sweet, juicy flavor is a sure sign that fall is on the way. With the addition of Borton Fruit and their Yakima Valley orchards, Chelan Fresh will have pears earlier than ever and continue to harvest through September in our Chelan Valley orchards. Our D’Anjou, Bosc and Red Anjou are harvested in late August and early September allowing our customers to have a complete pear program all the way through spring of 2019. Contact your Chelan Fresh sales representative to set up your pear program today.

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