June 2018

Washington Cherry Season has Arrived!


The Washington cherry season is finally here! Chelan Fresh cherries are beginning to land in stores just in time for the start of warm weather activities such as picnics, camping and boating. 

Our cherry farmers work year-round to ensure bountiful harvests. They nurture their trees throughout the winter and since March they have spent sleepless nights monitoring unpredictable spring weather to ensure that emerging cherry buds stay warm. Nightly monitoring of wind machines that help move the cold air ensures the spring nights do not cause damage to the emerging buds. Once the bloom happens, bees take over spreading pollen throughout the orchards to create tiny fruit that grows into a bountiful harvest with help from the warmer days of late spring.  

Our beautiful Dark Sweet cherries kick off the season with availability that grows steadily through late July and continued supplies into mid-August.

Harvest for Rainier cherries generally begins about 7-10 days after the start of the Dark Sweet cherry season. They then try to steal the spotlight for a few short weeks with their unique color and ultra-sweet flavor.Orondo Ruby® Logo

Not to be missed is our proprietary Orondo Ruby® variety that just might be Nature’s Perfect cherry with its unique blush color and sweet, complex flavor.

Chelan Fresh cherries are here and ready to land on the shelves of your retail store. Contact your Chelan Fresh Sales team to put our quality fruit in your hands: 509-682-4252.

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