March 2017 

Pear Pouch Bags

The arrival of spring brings the opportunity for consumers Bosc and Anjou Pear Displaystock up on delicious, nutritious and conveniently packaged Pears. 

Chelan Fresh currently offers our D’Anjou, Red Pears, Organic Bosc and Conventional Bosc pears in a variety of pack types, but we think our Variety Specific Pouch Bags are special. 

With 3lb D’Anjou, 2lb Red Pear, 3lb Bosc and 2lb Organic Bosc packed in high graphic, Variety Specific Pouches, we can give a high-end touch to the competitive pear category at your retail locations. This packaging strategy better communicates the unique attributes of different varieties while also supporting the consumer with pear education, tips and usage ideas. 

Red Anjou Pouch BagAccording to Marketing Director Mac Riggan “We believe that these pouch bags can help drive sales, create excitement within the category and convert consumers from  a shopper to a buyer that much better.” Pears are perfect for tossing in salads, desserts, and pairing with cheese and wines.  

Contact your Chelan Fresh account manager for more information about our pear varieties and package types available.


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