February 2017

For the Love of Fruit

AppleFondue1.13.16-2-978567-edited.jpgEach year as the New Year comes around we make resolutions and promises to eat better and exercise more. About now those resolutions have lost their New Years glimmer and we are losing faith that we can actually achieve what we set out to do. Today is a new day - go ahead and finish off your box of Valentines Day candy and then return to that reasonable plan to improve your health. 

You can start by consuming fresh Washington apples and pears from Chelan Fresh. Both areApples_Fridge_Facebook.png
 high in fiber and nutrients, but low in calories. And they are readily available in your local grocery store or club warehouse. Apples and pears are filling too, so they help curb those mid-morning and late afternoon hanger pangs associated with reduced calorie diets. 

It is never too late to do the right thing, so stop beating yourself up, get back in the saddle and continue your plan to eat healthier and get out and exercise more. After all it is the month of love, start by loving yourself. 

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