October 2018

Meet the Intern: Bo Charleton

Meet the Intern

Every summer Chelan Fresh employs up to 5 interns in our Sales office. Our summer internships help students gain invaluable experience in an office environment while also gaining skills to thrive in the fast-paced sales world. Bo Charleton is a second-year intern at Chelan Fresh and we are excited to see all the exciting places he will go in the future.    

Meet Bo Charleton, a 2nd year Chelan Fresh intern.

Bo, where are you from? 
I am from Manson WA. 

What school are you attending? 
I am starting my second year at Washington State University and I am an Accounting Major. 

What skills do you want to gain from this experience? 
I hope to get comfortable in an office setting. From being accountable and reliable to organized and efficient with my time, all of these office skills will help and benefit me in the future.    

What are your goals after graduation? 
I want to go into school finance. This is a career which combines business along with working in the field of education, and I feel like these two areas can be something I will enjoy very much.   

What extracurriculars are you involved in and why? 
At WSU I am involved in an accounting and business organization called Beta Alpha PSI which is designed to help and give extra help and resources within the business college and assist with internship and employment opportunities. I am also involved in multiple intramural sports teams which is a great way to meet people while at school.       

What are you most passionate about learning — personally or professionally — and Why? 
I am passionate about and take my education seriously. I understand completely that I have been given a very special opportunity to go to college and continue my education. I am certain that working hard these next couple years will positively affect my future, so I am very passionate about my education and doing well in school in order to give myself the ability to choose what I want as a career when I am done.     

Why do you think you might like to live in the community where Chelan Fresh is located? 
I have spent the majority of my life in the Chelan valley and I absolutely love it here. From the lake, to mountains, to the sunshine year-round, Chelan is an incredible place to live. But above all the amenities here, the small town feel and love the community has for one another is what I find so special about our valley. It is hard to describe unless you have experienced it firsthand but there is just something unique about our valley that makes it one of a kind. There is not a doubt in my mind that I would love to return to this valley at some point in my life.

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