Around the World

Chelan Fresh maintains a strong commitment to providing the highest-quality produce possible to customers throughout the world. We maintain HACCP, SQF, GlobalGAP and EurepGAP certifications, and also offer complete produce traceability.

We implement innovative technology in intelligent ways, increasing efficiency and cost savings through our sophisticated sorting lines, leading-edge loading/cross-docking facilities, and customized cargo and shipping solutions.

Chelan Fresh proudly packs our fresh apples and pears in the following labels.

Chelan Fresh ExportBlue Chelan Export

Mountain Goat ExportGWP Export

COHONorth Country

Chelan Fresh proudly packs our fresh cherries in the following labels.


Trout CherriesGold Prize Cherries

North Country CherriesSeahawk cherry 3d


 Cherry Merchandiser