Deriving from the beautiful hills of Washington, our pears are superior in taste and quality. Their smooth, sweet taste makes pears fantastic for both sweet and savory dishes, while also serving as the perfect fresh snack.

 Chelan Fresh Comice Pears

Chelan Fresh Comice

Comice pears are one of the sweetest and juiciest of all pear varieties. A silky soft flesh and creamy texture make Comice pears a perfect addition to a gift box or sliced in a salad. Comice pears are available starting mid-September.

Chelan Fresh Seckel Pears


Also known as “sugar pears”, Seckel pears are small, sweet and extremely flavorful. These bite-sized pears are ideal snacking size, making them perfect for children.

Chelan Fresh Crimson Pears


Stunningly red, these juicy and mildly-flavored pears have a floral essence. Their bright color and mildly sweet taste make this newer variety of pear an excellent choice for salads and snacking.

Chelan Red Anjou Pears

Red Anjou

Red Anjou pears are just as smooth and juicy as their cousins, D’Anjous. They are known for their flashy deep, rich, maroon color that stays red when ripe. Not do Red Anjou pears provide a diverse array of culinary options – they also serve as beautiful decoration in a fruit basked or bowl. Red Anjou pears are available starting toward the end of September.

Chelan Fresh D'Anjou Pears


D’Anjou pears are easily recognized by their egg-shaped body, making them the second-most recognizable pear in the country. D’Anjou pears do not change color when they ripen. Delectably juicy and subtly sweet, D’Anjous are truly an all-purpose pear. D’Anjou pears are available from starting mid-September.

Chelan Fresh Concorde Pears


The Concorde pear is unique in shape, color, and flavor, deriving from the Conference and Comice pears. It is ideal for cooking and baking, as well as eating fresh. Concorde pears are firm with a vanilla-like sweetness and do not brown easily. Concorde pears are available starting toward the end of September.

Chelan Fresh Barlett Pears


This pale green pear ripens to a golden yellow, as the flesh softens and fills with sweet juice. Bartlett pears are a very popular variety and are commonly found in markets. Great for snacks and canning, this highly popular pear has a smooth, spicy, classic pear taste. Bartlett pears are available starting mid-August.

Chelan Fresh Bosc Pears


This rich, sweet and spicy pear is known for both its beauty and for its taste. Bosc pears are more firm, making them ideal for pies, baking, and poaching. A unique attribute to Bosc pears is they are sweeter and more flavorful earlier in their ripening process than other varieties. Their complex flavor can be enjoyed before their flesh feels completely soft. Bosc pears are available from the start of September.

Chelan Fresh Asian Pears


Well loved for their crunch texture and creamy flesh, Asian pears are exceptionally juicy with a sweet flavor and fragrant aroma.

Prized for their crunchy texture the creamy white flesh of the Asian pear is exceptionally juicy with a sweet low acid flavor and fragrant aroma. Unlike regular pears, Asian pears are sold ripe and maintain their crisp texture long after being picked. Excellent in salads or with cheese and wine. Asian pears are available from the end of August.

Chelan Fresh Red Bartlett Pears

Red Bartlett

This pear tastes just as smooth and juicy as it’s Bartlett relative, but ripens to a bright crimson read when it’s ready to eat. Due to their notable sweetness and varying floral aromas, these pears are ideal for snacking or preserving.