Our delicious Chelan Fresh cherry varieties are available from late spring to late summer. Their bite size goodness is irresistible and packed with nutritional benefits.

Red Sweet Cherries

This classic deep red cherry is as juicy as you could hope for, with just the right amount of tang. Use them in pies, sauces, freeze and can, or bake them into your morning muffins. Never forget that you can eat them just as they are such as Bing, Chelan, or Lapin cherries.


new-rainier-cherriesRainier Cherries

Developed right here in Washington State, and named after our most famous peak, these sweet, elegant cherries are golden-yellow with a red blush. With a creamy yellow flesh, this delicate cherry is at its very best when eaten fresh.


Orondo_Ruby_Cherry_cropped copy.pngOrondo Ruby Cherries

The Orondo Ruby cherry consists of crisp skin, super-sweet golden flesh and juicy cherry perfection. Lovingly grown on the banks of the Columbia River in eastern Washington—where hot summer days and cool river breezes make for perfect growing conditions. The Orondo Ruby shows gorgeous red-blushed skin, a firm bite and tremendous flavor. The Ruby matures earlier in the season than Bings and Rainiers and is grown in small quantities, their window of availability is short.

Orondo Ruby cherries are available at the following locations.

Select Walmart Stores in:


SuperValue in Minnesota

New Seasons Market in Oregon

King Soopers in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming

Kroger stores in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri

Domestic Packaging

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Large ClamMedium ClamSmall ClamOrondo Ruby Clam.jpg

Freeze n Store Cherries Visit our blog post for simple instructions on how to freeze and store cherries for your year-round enjoyment!