AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER – Helps keep you feeling full and maintain a healthy weight.

LOW ON THE GLYCEMIC INDEX – Apples are slow to convert to sugar in the bloodstream, which can help sustain energy.

SMART SNACKING – Only 130 calories per large apple.

ART OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – May reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases.

BRAEBURN Rich, spicy tang. Kicks up chicken saladCAMEO Sweet-tart, crisp. Perfect for PiesFUJI Intensely sweet, crunchy. Toss in raspberry & walnut saladGALA Full-flavored, sweet. Refreshing afternoon snackGOLDEN DELICIOUS Mild, juicy. Bake into morning muffinsGRANNY SMITH Very tart, crisp. Dip in cheese or chocolate fondueHONEY CRISP Mild, honey flavor. Delicious any timeJONAGOLD Juicy, tangy-sweet. Delicious french toast topperPINK LADY Sweet, tangy crunch. Pair with cheese and crackersRED DELICIOUS Mildly sweet, crisp. Ultimate caramel apples

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